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First of all, I want to say a great big thank-you to those of you who have sent me wonderful messages of support recently. I’ve received some beautiful comments in reply to my last blog post – and some special emails too. Reading them has meant so much to me in this difficult time, and has brought me a lot of solace… thank you so much.

I’ve now finished my chemotherapy, and I’ve got my strength back too. I’m feeling great. My hair has fallen out… and is already starting to grow back. I climbed a mountain, and I’m over the other side of it now… and I’m so happy that it’s all over. I recently holidayed with my family in Kefalonia, Greece to celebrate – we had such a beautiful time!

Whilst I am on surveillance, and need to have ongoing check-ups – the odds of the cancer returning are slim. I really couldn’t be more excited about having the chance to create again… and I feel blessed and inspired to know that you are still with me! I will post updates more regularly from now on, and I’ll have something new for you to listen to, very soon.

During my recovery period, I was listening obsessively to the soundtrack of a videogame; actually something that I was playing during the month that I uploaded my very first video to Youtube, all the way back in 2006. I still can’t get over this mesmerising soundtrack by Jeremy Soule…! Although the game’s sequel, Skyrim, has attained pretty much world domination status since it’s release – it is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that for me has the superior soundtrack – and just some of the most beautiful and touching themes that I’ve heard.

This music was another crutch that really helped me get through the last few months. I thought you may enjoy to hear a track which sums up how I’m feeling right now…

Jeremy Soule – All’s Well

More soon. All the best…!

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  1. That music is beautiful. All the very best for you! You look incredibly good, especially for someone that have just finished chemo.
    So, thank you so much for sharing beautiful things, including the ones you write, such as this post.

    (I’ve been revisiting your youtube channel for 8 years, it’s always beautiful. I’m looking forward to listen to more music of yours!)

  2. Hola, Dave! I’ve followed you for many years and your music, talent and soul never cease to amaze me. If you looked up ‘passion’ in my dictionary, you’d see a photo of you playing music as Fig. 1. I just learnt about the mountain you had to climb and I’m happy you’re over the other side of it now. Good to have you back. Keep up the marvelous work! PS. Oblivion > Skyrim

  3. Ah, seeing that you are doing better leaves me in a resplendent state of ease.
    Though it’s even more shocking to me that you’ve included a track from perhaps one of my most loved (and frankly overplayed) videogames.
    I could continue on to write an articulate essay, but I’ll leave it simple; I’d just gone through perhaps the roughest times of my life recently and to see someone who I’ve always admired pull through out of the convoluted mires of his own hardship gives me a revived hope for things ahead.
    Remain stoic and devoted to your art, I have every faith that you will find that same marvel in it once again. My mother always told me that the harshest of winters allow for the most beautiful blossoms come spring, so perhaps the same could be said for people and hardship.
    All my best, always.

  4. Hi Dave!! I was listening one of your videos and I decided to send you best wishes and a big hugh from Costa Rica!

  5. Hello Dave,

    Today while I was browsing the interwebs, for no reason at all, I thought about one of your videos you posted several years ago.
    To be honest I could not remember your name at first, but I i will never forget the name of the video. “Skeleton Waltz”. I guess that’s what music is supposed to be in its verry essence. Sometimes it will leave a mark so big that even after years have passed you still remember the title, tune and the sentiment you had when you first heard it. So I browsed the title and there it was… still there. And still verry beautiful. I just wanted you to know that you and your work left a mark on me. I wish you all the best in the world and hope you can still make more marks on other people and me for many years to come.

  6. I’ve been listening to your music for years and what a shock when I discovered you are in a bad moment… I don’t know what I should say, really.
    I hope you are getting better because not only your close friends and family care about but also many people around the world, who could know a bit of you through your art.
    Come back soon, please.

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