Demos and Daydreams

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Demos and Daydreams (2003-2006) is a Digital Download containing 50 tracks of original music produced during the period of my early YouTube videos.

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Apologies, this page does not exist. However – here’s a gif of me playing Fenix Rage.

Live / Singles CD

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Tracklist: (Live) 1. Our Story 2. Death Rattle 3. The Skeleton’s Waltz4. Lucia 5. First Harvest 6. Waking Dream (Studio) 7. The Skeleton’s Waltz 8. Waking Dream 9. Our Story

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I’ve recently been celebrating one year of being cancer free – and I wanted to send my thanks out to so many of you for the kind words of support you’ve sent my way. During a period in which my relationship with music has been gradually changing back to the way I felt before I took ill, it has been …

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